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To print the bookmarks yourself:

Instruction A

Step 1.
Print side 1 from a quality color printer. If using your home printer, proceed to step 2. If you do not have a color printer, proceed to Instruction B.

Instruction B

Step 1.
If you do not have a sufficient quality printer at home, check out local options like Staples, Office Max, Quick Print, FexEd or others. Take this two page PDF DOCUMENT HEREand explain to them that you would like “X” copies of the bookmarks printed. Both sides separately. If you plan on laminating them then regular 100# book or 60# book will be sufficient for paper. If you do not plan on laminating then perhaps choose a card stock paper. It will be a little thicker.

Step 2.
Adhere the bookmark pages together (back to back)** Use a glue stick, or spray mount do not use elmer’s glue. You can ensure the best alignment using a window or a lightbox to align the marks.

Step 3.
Trim the bookmarks out from one side. You can use either front or back trim marks.
Click to view trimming instructions

Step 4.
For the best quality bookmark, laminate them.

**A high quality color copier will print the document with 99% accuracy in centering. This will allow you to paste the front to the back of the bookmark using recommended SPRAY MOUNT (link) or a glue stick that will NOT cause the paper to bubble when dry. Do NOT use Elmer’s Glue.

Bulk Bookmarks

To print large quantities or to have higher quality you can print with an online printer for a reasonable cost.

PRINTNOISE.com offers a 2x7" two-sided bookmark on glossy, stock-weight paper for just over $60 plus shipping.

To print with Printnoise download SINGLE SIDE A and SINGLE SIDE B bookmarks and upload through thier website and follow the instructions.