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Cook:30 for Kids

An exciting cooking program for kids hosted by Chef Jeremy Dixon from New Zealand, known for his use of fresh fruits, vegetables, and all natural ingredients. You’re sure to enjoy this fast paced, fun program as you join Chef Jeremy and kids in the kitchen and learn more about eating healthy and loving it!

Creation Case with Rich Aguilera

Join Doc M, Jacqui and Rich as they look for evidence that God is our Creator. In each of the 13 half-hour episodes, a Creation question is received at Headquarters:

  • Did we evolve?
  • Is the world millions of years old?
  • When did dinosaurs live?

Rich, the field investigator is assigned to look for clues in nature and make a report. The search takes him to mountains, canyons, glaciers, volcanoes, caves, oceans, deserts, and some of the most beautiful places in nature. Come along on the adventure and see the evidence for yourself…God is our Creator!

A Day with the King

Developed to teach children about the Sabbath and to lead them through the Bible, A Day With the King, hosted by Aunty Nat and Aunty Cecily, includes segments such as singing with Pr Rick and Braedan, and a story time with Dr John. There is also a Bible Study time where the children can learn more about God. It targets six to twelve year olds, though people of any age will enjoy it.

For Study Guides and to read Teddy’s blog (the show’s mascot), visit the companion website.

Featuring: Natalee McLean, Cecily Harker, Dr Rick Ferret, Braedan Entermann & Dr John Hammond

Dog Tales

There are many practical things dogs can teach humans about how to live. Discover some dog wisdom about everyday life. (Host: Neale Schofield)

Kids Time

You'll meet real kids who love to share Jesus, enjoy fascinating science experiments, and watch exciting Bible stories that come to life before your eyes! Get ready for 100% pure fun and learn more about your Best Friend, Jesus!

Kids Time Praise

An uplifting half-hour of worship and praise by kids of all ages.

Tiny Tots for Jesus

It’s music and farmers, animals and gardens, stories and fun for the little ones. Tiny Tots for Jesus is designed for children from 2 to 4 years of age and features colorful sets and lovable characters! Join hosts Miss Cinda and Auntie Linda as they "Go to the Barn," have "Fun in the Kitchen" and learn more about Jesus!

Tiny Tots Kitchen

Join Miss Cinda and the Tiny Tots as they learn how fun cooking can be! Each 15-minute program features a delicious new kitchen and learn more about eating healthy and loving it!

Awesome Science

The Awesome Science series takes teens and adults on a field trip around the world to explore geologic and historical evidence which supports the Biblical record. The series is hosted by teenager, Noah Justice.

Creeping Things

Creeping Things is a series hosted by reptile expert and herpetologist, Nathan Hutcherson. Nathan and his two kids explore across the world, hunting down every animal that creeps on the ground, showing off God’s incredible creation. Animals include snakes, reptiles, scorpions, and other amazing creatures.

Debunking Evolution

Join study partners, John & Jane as they explore the challenges to the evolutionary theory and why the Bible makes the most sense of the scientific evidence.